Orchard & Farm FAQs


Upon entering the farm, you’ll first park in the parking lot, then you will proceed to the U-Pick “ENTER” area & check-in at the booth to pay entry & purchase a picking container. You can scan the QR code on a smart device or ask for the information packet in hand to see the days picking and safety information. The map tells you where to find everything, and the information packet gives you Prices, rules, location, and more. Please do not bring any produce already purchased into U-Pick area!

*For those who need assistance with accessibility, please let the check-in booth know upon your arrival & our friendly customer service team will make arrangements, so you or your loved one has the best experience.

Walk or Trolley

You will hop on a trolley or can walk into the orchard. The roads can be bumpy, muddy and uneven so proceed with caution. Please use common sense to avoid walking over living plants & fruit. We have signs throughout the orchard pointing you in the right direction for each item currently available for picking, as well as pedestrian exit signs. Please DO NOT exit on trolley roadways, use Pedestrian exit only!


We ask that you please only pick what you have paid for, and please do not pick anything NOT listed on the daily picking sheet, as those items still need time to grow and ripen. Anything picked that is not listed will be charged up to $10/lb.


You’ll get off the trolley at the corner and proceed to the “Pedestrian Exit”, that will exit you into our store/entertainment area. You’ll find additional produce and farm treats for sale in our store & bakery, including apple cider donuts, produce & more!

The last entrance to the picking fields will be at exactly 30 min PRIOR to CLOSING.

All fields must be cleared and guests checked out by CLOSING time.

All produce is currently priced per container: should you overfill your container… you may return to the entrance booth to buy another container, or purchase one from our staff members on utv’s . Prices may fluctuate throughout the season.

Stay hydrated! We recommend bringing water, or you can purchase it in our store, as well as homemade apple cider and other beverages.

All persons/property subject to search… Unfortunately, produce theft is a major issue. (to avoid a search please try to limit the amount of items you bring in to only your prepaid picking container, a drink, & only medically necessary equipment)

You will be charged for any produce you pick that is not listed as available on the orchard info packet OR produce that is not contained in a proper Bowman Orchards prepaid container!

Great question! So glad you asked! Our You-Pick Days are open everyday during normal business hours. On these days you can enjoy our you-pick fields, photo ops, farm animals, food/drinks, Farm Store, & our wooden play area for the kids. Note, you don’t need to purchase a ticket to visit the animals or Farm Store, or purchase food/drinks! We recommend coming during these days if you do not plan on utilizing any of the bigger attractions, such as, Pony Rides, Hay Rides, the Fruit Train, or The core entertainment area. During these days, you can also use your Season Pass!

During our special event days, everything is open & are only happening during select days/times during the Summer & weekends in the Fall! During the fall, you-pick tickets are valid, but don’t include access to attractions. If you decide you want to try out some of the fun activities when you get there, you can purchase attraction wristbands at our on-site ticket booth! A Season Pass is not valid during these days.

Our Farm is not organic. Our Fruit is sustainably grown on an integrated pest management Program (IPM), which means that our farm uses minimal amounts of sprays designed to Target fruit devouring pests at a specific point in their life cycle. Beneficial insects such as lady bugs, lace wings, honeybees, and bumble bees are left alone. Bowman Orchards is our family’s home and we strive to take care of this land for generations to come!

The Bowman Family!

Yes! We love your furry friends just as much as we love ours! We do ask that you & your pet follow a few rules while visiting:

  1. All pets MUST be on a leash at ALL TIMES.
  2. No pets are allowed inside buildings/stores.
  3. Please do not bring your pet in the You-Pick Fields or where fruit grows close to ground.
  4. Please pickup after your pet! We have waste stations all over the farm for your convenience.
  5. If your pet is caught destroying property, unleashed or being a hazard to other, you will be asked to leave.
  6. Please don’t leave your pet in the hot car!

Failure to follows these rules could lead to pets being banned from the orchards!

  • We will offer the Season Pass online only for $35
  • This pass is valid for only one person & for you-pick entrance only
  • Customers may use this pass for u pick entrance only.
  • This pass may not be used for special celebration weekends or activities.

First, thank you! You appreciate your loyalty to our family orchard! As a Loyalty Member you get:

  • First picking of special fruit varieties the day before everyone else! You will get an email with a secret word/phrase. This is IMPORTANT because this is how our staff member at the entrance booth knows which picking area to direct you to.
  • Also, once you earn 5 points in entrance fees, you earn $3.00 off!
  • There will be specials and discounts on select products throughout the season.
  • Quantity/wholesale discounts on large purchases

Professional photographers/ photo shoots are allowed at Bowman Orchards only IF: Bowman Orchards is TAGGED on social media as the location in all photos taken on property, Photographers pay entry (where applicable) just like all other u-pickers, Photographers MAY not pick produce to use in shoots without first purchasing picking container, they cannot disrupt other customers and patrons. & Photographers must respect the property, rules, owners at all times or they will NOT be allowed back!

We encourage our customers to take as many pictures as they want of their loved ones, and tag us as the location! All we ask is that you stay in the designated picking area & refrain from visiting restricted areas of the orchard! Thank you for your understanding!

Yes! We have made preparations for those who need assistance. Just let the entrance booth know upon your arrival & our friendly customer service team will make arrangements so you or your loved one has the best experience. Our activities are also easily accessible, including our trolleys, which have wheelchair ramps. However, due to the ground in our corn maze & sunflower fields, it might be difficult to move around in these areas.

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