We Have 60+ Apple Varieties in Clifton Park NY

Apple Varieties

Check out our Apple Variety page to see all the different types of apples we grow here.  Availability may vary. 

NameDescriptionBest ForAvailable
20 OZTart & Very HardBakingEarly Sept
Ambrosia Sweet & CrispBaking & SaladsMid - Late Sept
Autumn CrispTart & Extra Crisp. High in vitamin CFresh EatingMid - Late Sept
BlondeeSweet with a zing, firm & crunchyFresh Eating & SaladsLate Aug/Early Sept
BraeburnSweet / Tangy-Cider-like Aroma, Ultra CrispEating, Salads & SauceLate Oct
CameoSweet & Tart, Crunchy & FirmFresh Eating & DessertsMid - Late Oct
CortlandSweet with a Hint of Tart, Tender (Stays white when cut)Fresh Eating, Baking & SauceMid Sept
EmpireSweet, Tart & Juicy, Very Crisp (Cross between McIntosh & Red. Del.)Fresh Eating & BakingLate Sept
EvercrispSweet & Juicy, Firm (Cross between Honeycrisp & Fuji)Fresh eating & Good KeeperLate Oct
Fortune Gently Sweet with a Juicy Tartness, Very Crisp (Similar to a Mac & Spy)Fresh Eating, Baking & SauceEarly Oct
FugiSweet, Spicy & Juicy, Very CrispFresh Eating & SauceMid Oct
Gala Sweet & Juicy, Crisp (Good for dehydrating)Fresh Eating & SaladsEarly Sept
Ginger Gold Sweet & Mildly Tart, Crisp (Similar to a golden delicious)Fresh Eating & SaladsEarly Sept
Golden DeliciousSweet & Juicy, CrispFresh Eating, Salads & SauceLate Sept
Golden SupremeSweet & Juicy, Thick Skin (Similar to a golden delicious)Fresh Eating, Salads & SauceEarly Sept
Granny SmithTart, Extra CrispFresh Eating, Baking & FreezingMid Oct
GreeningVery Tart, Extra CrispBaking & FreezingEarly Sept
HoneycrispVery Sweet & Very Juicy, CrispFresh Eating & SaladsMid - Late Sept
Ida RedSweet & Tart, CrispFresh Eating & PiesEarly Oct
Jersey MacTart & Sweet, CrispFresh EatingEarly Aug
JonagoldHoney Sweet, Mild Tart & Very Juicy, CrispGood All PurposeLate Sept
Jonamac Sweet & Tart, Firmer (Cross between a Jonathan & Mcintosh)Fresh Eating & BakingEarly Sept
MacounSweet with a Hint of Tart, CrispFresh Eating, Pies & SauceMid - Late Sept
McIntoshSweet & Juicy with a Tart Tang, TenderFresh Eating, Pies & SauceEarly Sept
Mutsu (Crispin)Sweet & Juicy, Super CrispFresh Eating & BakingLate Sept
Northern SpyVery Tart, Super CrispBaking & FreezingEarly Oct
Paula RedSweet & Tart, TenderFresh Eating & SauceMid Aug
Pink Luster Sweet & Juicy, CrispFresh Eating & SaladsEarly Oct
PinovaSweet, Tart, Juicy, Crisp (Stores well)Fresh Eating, Baking & FreezingLate Sept
Pink LadyTart with a Hint of Sweet, CrispEating, Baking, Salads & SauceLate Oct
Pixie CrunchSweet & Hunt of Tart, Very CrispFresh EatingEarly Oct
PristineSweet & Tart, CrispFresh Eating & SauceMid Aug
Radiant RunkelSweet, Rich & Very Juicy (U-pick only)Eating & BakingMid Sept
Red DeliciousSweet & Juicy, CrispFresh Eating & SaladsLate Sept
Rome Mildly Tart, Firm (U-pick only)Fresh Eating, Baking & FreezingEarly Oct
Ruby FrostTart, Extra CrispEating, Pies & SauceEarly - Mid Oct
Ruby John (Red Jonathon)Tart & Rich, FirmBaking & Sauce (Stays Firm(Late Sept
SansaSweet & Juicy, Firm & TenderDessert AppleMid Aug
ShamrockTart, Firm (Like a granny smith)Fresh Eating & BakingMid Sept
Shizuka Sweet & Juicy, Super CrispFresh Eating & BakingLate Sept
SnapdragonVery Sweet & Very Juicy, Extra CrispFresh Eating & SaladsLate Sept
Snow Sweet Sweet, Mildly Tart & buttery, CrispFresh Eating & Salads (Stays White)Early Oct
SpigoldTart, Sweet & Juicy, Crisp (Cross between spy & golden deliciousFresh Eating & BakingMid Oct
Sun CrispTart, Sweet & Juicy, Very FirmFresh EatingMid Oct
TydemanSpicy, Tart & Sweet, CrispFresh Eating & Some BakingMid Aug
ZestarSweet & Juicy, CirspFresh EatingMid Aug