Meet the Bowman Family

Ray & Bev Bowman bought the farm in 1952. Opened for business that same fall season, sold apples, cider, & baked goods off of apple crates outside their small two car garage. Ray and Bev had 5 children Danny, Dave, Jackie, Kevin, & Rick, they lived in the main brick & white house which you all see while driving down the farm exit driveway! Over the years Ray and Bev worked side by Side with their son Kevin, & together they expanded the farm little by little each year!
We Regret to inform everyone of the passing of Raymond K Bowman on Jan 30th 2014. Ray has been sincerely missed by his wife Bev, 3 children, 15 grand children, 15 great grandchildren, and so many others who knew and loved him!
RIP “Apple Papa Ray” August 30th 1931 – January 30th 2014.
We regret to inform everyone of the passing of Beverly Bowman on 3/29/24.  In her home Surrounded by her family and loved ones, Bev took her last breath and joined her beloved husband Ray and their two sons in the Lords Kingdom.
RIP Beverly Bowman May 9th 1932 – March 29th 2024.

Kevin & Martha Bowman

In 2004 Kevin, his wife Martha, and their 3 children bought the farm from Ray and Bev and took over full responsibilities of running the operation. Since the purchase in 2004 Kevin and his family have been working hard at improving and expanding the business each and every year! Kevin and Martha are now sharing the operation of the farm with their children and hope to one day pass along ownership of the farm to the 3rd generation so they can then pass it along to the 4th generation! In the off season Kevin and Martha like to spend some time traveling to some farm conferences to learn more about how to improve their business and get some fresh new ideas on technology.

Kristal & Michael Gessler

Kristal is the Oldest Child of Kevin & Martha. She was born and raised on the farm, and always worked on the farm during busy seasons. Kristal’s main passion is horses and that is where she has chosen her lifelong career, she trains horses and gives lessons to riders of all ages. Kristal had her only son and first grandchild of Kevin and Martha; Michael was born in 2006 and gets a kick out of being “boss-man” around the farm! He loves to oversee the employees from his 4-wheeler and round up the animals when they get loose. He is also following in daddy’s footsteps by being a handyman and building or repairing anything that may need attention around the farm!

Kenny & Megan Bowman and Children

Kenny is Kevin & Martha’s middle Child. He was born and raised on the farm and Bowman Orchards has been his full time job since he was old enough to be working! Aside from being partners with his mom and dad & working full time on the farm he owns his own snow plowing business to help financially as well. Kenny lives here on the farm with his wife Megan and their 4 children. Megan also works on the farm during busy seasons doing office manager work and overseeing the bakery. Kenny oversees the everyday maintenance of the orchard, machinery, & buildings as well as the running of orchard crews during peak seasons. The Kids all take pride in “working” on the farm in some way shape or form… you might find them opening trolley gates, helping lead the ponies, drive the horses, or other various activities around the farm.

Katie Bowman-Oathout & Chad Oathout and  Children

Katie is Kevin and Martha’s youngest child. She was born and raised on the farm, & has been working for the farm since she was old enough to work. Although she has had numerous jobs throughout the years working for other horse farms and businesses, Katie has always worked as needed for the farm and in June of 2012 came back to partner with her brother & work Full time for Her parents. Katie oversees the internet, horses, entertainment, and U-Pick areas of the business. Chad & his boys also help out on the farm on busy weekends during the fall season and Chad is Katie’s right hand man for horse drawn carriage ride events!

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