About Our U-Pick Process

U-Pick Procedure

  • Cars will enter via the main entrance – they will Park in the parking area.
  • Folks will then proceed to walk between the big red & white barns Following signs to “U-Pick Entrance”. You will enter beside the white barn and follow the fenced path & “u-pick” signs through to the Entrance Booths to purchase your picking containers. (all persons entering orchard MUST purchase a picking container! NO outside containers allowed!)
  • Once you have finished the check in process you may continue straight on to the “IN” gate where you will wait for a trolley to pick you up, or a staff member to direct you if you prefer to walk.
  • Trolleys will take you out to the fields and bring you back in- (For your comfort there are pavilions and benches at loading areas for you to wait under) .
    You may walk if preferred but, you MUST follow all traffic flows and directional signs.
  • All Persons/property subject to search. To avoid a search at the exit: please only bring in your; prepaid picking container, a drink, & any medically necessary equipment. Any excess items are subject to search upon exiting!
  • Please ONLY pick in the assigned rows and where there are signs & ribbons on trees. (Any items picked that are not on the daily picking sheet will be charged upwards of $10 per pound).
  • Once your picking is completed please follow the EXIT signs & exit via the “Pedestrian Exit only”! Please Do Not use tractor/trolley road to exit! (Please note** once you exit picking area, you will not be permitted back in with USED picking container.)
  • ALL parties/groups in the orchard MUST have a size appropriate Bowman Orchards prepaid picking Container!
  • ALL Produce picked must fit in the prepaid Container! (Loose Produce found or being carried will be charged for the nearest Container size).

U-Pick Rules

  • Please only pick in the assigned rows & where there are signs, & ribbons. (Daily picking sheet/QR)
  • We cannot accept returns of U-Pick Produce. It can’t be unpicked, & we cannot re-sell it. Only pick what you intend to keep!
  • No bags, baskets, coolers, tupperware, sugars, spices, backpacks, etc will be allowed in the U-Pick fields unless they are clear/see thru!
    Diaper bags for little ones, Medical equipment, Fanny packs, cross body, and purses smaller than 12″ are the only exceptions!
  • No picnics in U-Pick area! There are picnic tables located in the covered pavilion by the pizza shack for your use.
  • ALL persons entering U-Pick area Must have a size appropriate picking container for the current season. Berry season: 1 Qt per person Minimum requirement. Apple season: 1 Peck bag per 2 people Minimum requirement, 1/2 bushel bag requirement for a group of 6 people.
  • Please DO NOT throw, shake, or break branches, or throw/dump/damage/waste the fruit we work hard to grow year round.
  • Please do not enter barns, houses, animal pens, or sheds. If there’s a gate or a fence those areas are OFF LIMITS!
  • Please, no alcohol anywhere on our property, including the parking lot.
  • We love your four legged family & they are always allowed at Bowman Orchards but… please keep all pets on a leash at all times, out of the wagons & berry fields, keep pets out of play area (other then by benches) as some small children are afraid of animals, and please pickup after them (there are pet waste stations throughout the property). Any guests with a pet left in a hot vehicle will be asked to leave.
  • The safety of our guests is very important to us. Therefore, please only allow a responsible adult to use the ladders. If you need assistance, we are here (& love) to help!
  • Due to produce safety standards we cannot allow any eating in our fields, including sampling of produce while picking. We know this is especially hard for kids, but it is for the safety of everyone who visits, so please keep an eye on your little ones.
  • Please only handle produce with love, care & clean hands.
  • Please keep our fields clean of any trash. For your convenience we have garbage containers throughout the orchard
  • No strollers IN the berry rows.
  • ALL persons/property subject to search! To avoid a search please keep the amount you bring in to a minimum! Please only bring your prepaid picking container, drink, & medically necessary equipment. ANY additional items subject to search upon exit.
  • Please CLEAN your hands before picking, & after visiting our animals.

Anyone unwilling to follow the above rules will be asked to leave immediately!

Please note this is a working farm with machinery in use. By entering you agree to pick at your own risk.

How to Find the Correct Apple Variety

Please note that this changes daily, so if you’re headed to the orchard, check to see what’s pickin’ today!

  • Step 1: Check the white sheet/QR Code for desired apple
  • Step 2: Check Map for Section location.
  • Step 3: Look for sign
  • Step 4: Look for correct row # (orange tags)
  • Step 5: Look for correct ribbon color hanging on trees for type of apple


Orchard Map

Orchard Map