You-Pick Rules

1. Due to Produce safety standards we cannot allow ANY eating in our fields, including sampling of produce while picking. We know this is especially hard for kids, but it is for the safety of everyone who visits, So please keep an eye on your little ones! 

2. CLEAN hands picking only.

3. No backpacks, bags, or containers from your home are allowed. (Diaper bags for little ones may come in but MUST stay in a stroller or being carried).

4. ALL dogs must remain on a leash and please pickup after them! they may NOT go in any buildings/stores, or in Berry Rows. (please don’t leave them in a hot car).

5. PLEASE dispose of Garbage in the proper waste baskets provided throughout the orchard. 


We will be STRICTLY enforcing these rules for our safety and yours, those that cannot adhere to the rules will be asked to leave. 

2021 You-Pick guidelines

1. Cars will enter via the main entrance - they will check in at the booth and pay their entry fees.

2. They will then proceed into the orchard where they will find a spot to park, and (weekends only) proceed to the INFO booth or register booth by the cemetery to purchase their picking bags. 

3. ALL parties/groups in the orchard MUST have a Bowman Orchards prepaid picking bag or will be asked to purchase one or leave.

4. ALL apples picked must fit in the prepaid bags! (Loose apples found or being carried will be charged for the nearest bag size). 

5. Absolutely NO outside/personal bags or containers are allowed, except for 

Diaper bags for little ones may come in but MUST stay in a stroller or being carried.

6. Please ONLY pick in the assigned rows (White sheet) and where there are signs & ribbons on trees. (Any items picked that are not on the daily picking sheet will be charged upwards of $10 per pound).

7. Once your picking is completed please follow the EXIT signs and head to the check out point.Your car will be inspected, and you have an option to purchase cider and donuts if you wish. This process is much faster if everyone stays seated. However, if you wish to step out of the car for inspection please let our associates know so they may give you time to do so, (Do not take any items with you when you step out). 

8. After inspection follow the signs to the EXIT & PARKING. At that point you will have a choice to leave the farm or park to walk around our stores and entertainment areas. 

9. Orchard Entrance Closes at 4:30 PM all visitors must be out by 5 PM. 


Thank you for all your cooperation & understanding with these policies as we navigate through the safest possible options for ourselves and our customers during these uncertain times!