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Plan your visit to the orchard

We're so excited for your trip to the orchard, but before you go, we've changed a few things! So to help you have the best possible visit, please read the following before arriving.

We thank you so much for your cooperation with these new policies and procedures!


Upon arriving to the orchard, you will be directed to our parking area and you can make your way to our Farm Store, You-Pick Entrance, or The Core (our entertainment area) by following the signs. 

Visiting the Farm Store -

  • You do not need to purchase a ticket if you're visiting our Farm Store.

  • A selection of our baked goods are available to order online and pick-up in store! Check out the goods HERE!

  • Animals are available to see, feed, and pet during regular business hours.

  • Wooden play area located in The Core is open during our regular business hours.
    *Activities in The Core area is open only on weekends.

Visiting during You-Pick Days -

  • You-Pick entrance hours are 9am - 4:15pm, the farm closes at 5pm.

  • All Groups entering the You-Pick Fields must purchase a Minimum of a Peck bag. 

  • Groups of 6 or more people must purchase at least a 1/2 bushel bag! 

  • You will make your way to the You-Pick Entrance or Farm Store.

  • Animals are available to see, feed, and pet.

  • Wooden play area located in The Core is open during all business hours.
    *Rides in The Core will not be open during this time.

Visiting during Festival Days -

  • All activities/rides will be available. *Must Purchase wristband*

For yOu-Pick:

*During You-Pick Days at the orchard, our Rides will not be open. These will be available during our Festival weekends only.

*Click Here for our You-Pick Rules

Follow signs to our You-Pick Entrance... proceed to walk between the big red barn, and big white barn, follow the fenced path, enter signs, & arrows. Those will bring you to our Check in Booths. If you purchased entrance tickets online please let us know so we can scan your tickets, otherwise you can purchase your entry tickets there at the booth. You will need to purchase a picking container if you're entering the picking area 

*Please note, all parties/groups in the picking area must have a size appropriate Bowman Orchards prepaid picking container. Any loose produce found or being carried will be charged for the nearest container size.

After you've purchased your container & entry ticket, you'll proceed to the "In" gate where you will wait for our staff members to direct you.  Our trolley will take you to and from the picking area, If you prefer to walk, one of our team members will direct you, however we ask that you follow the traffic flows and directional signs for your safety. 

Once you've arrived to the picking area, please only pick in the assigned rows (Orange tags) or where directed by staff members. **APPLES** -These areas can be identified by the ribbon colors on the trees, signs, and orange tags on posts. You can also find this information HERE on our website, and at our Check in Booths. If you are unsure, please don't hesitate to ask one of our team members.

*Please Note that any items picked that are not listed under the daily picking will be charged upwards of $10 per pound. 

When you are finished, you will return to the trolley pick-up and drop-off area. If you prefer to walk back, you'll follow the "Pedestrian Exit Only" signs on the bottom road. Please do not use the Tractor/trolley road ways. 

*Please note, once you exit the picking area, you will not be permitted back in with your picking container.

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